Mono County Health Department

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I get a food permit for a special event?
Special food permits are issued by the Health Department. We ask that you submit your application two weeks prior to the special event, if possible. Call us for more information.

2. Where do I go to get an animal license?
Dogs are the only animals required to be licensed in Mono County. Licenses can be obtained at the Health Department in Bridgeport.

3. Where can I find out who to contact about a contagious disease exposure?
Contact the Mono County Health Department for any information regarding contagious diseases or exposures.

4. I have a complaint!
Call the Mono County Health Department and your specific complaint will be directed to the appropriate division, e.g., Environmental Health, Animal Control, Water, etc. All complaints will be handled confidentially.

5. I have a question regarding out of country travel.
Please go to: Center for Disease Control at:

6. My child is sick... I need information concerning.
Chicken Pox
Poison Oak
Nose Bleeds
Ear Aches
Chronic Coughing
Call your personal medical doctor's office for management of your sick child. If they are not available or you do not have a personal doctor, the Mono County Health Department, Public Health Nursing, can refer you to one.

7. I have a question about what to do with trash.
The Environmental Health division will help you with information about how to handle all types of waste.

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